Kyle Schouviller

Principal DevOps Lead at Xbox Game Studios Publishing

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Building Cloud Services for AAA Games

I lead a team at Xbox building and maintaining backend services for AAA games. I also have a rich history in game development, having worked on game engines, graphics, gameplay, independent games, AAA games, and more.

I also like playing games (both as a hobby and to keep up with the industry), cooking, gardening, and most of all, my family!

Where have I worked?

My Career

Blade Games World

I worked on a game called Jumala, where I built most of the content architecture to support a game where you could build content and levels, share them, and then build upon the work of others.


As part of Xbox Game Studios Publishing, I've worked with a number of game studios on titles big and small. I was involved in the launch of the Xbox One, and am now leading the team that is building, operating, and helping partners build world-class cloud services for their games.


Working on the 2.5D game engine of the same name and focusing on graphics, I added a number of additional features to the engine.

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Crackdown 3
Killer Instinct
Rise of Nations
Sunset Overdrive
Quantum Break
Ryse: Son of Rome

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